The Greatest Thing

The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn Is Just To Love And Be Loved In Return


A very warm welcome to “The Greatest Thing” program and thank you for listening in. Did you ever wonder what the most powerful force in the universe is? What is the greatest and most important thing a person can learn in this life? What is the greatest true love story ever told and written down for us to read today?

The simple yet profound answers to these questions may surprise you.

The answers to these questions and the amazing power they have to change your life for the better no matter what your circumstance is what we are all about.

We have nothing to sell, we are not seeking followers or donations. What we have we give away expecting nothing more than that peoples lives are changed for the good through their encounter with us.

Our mission and our message are embodied in the words of our Theme Tune sung by the late Nat King Cole. Thank you again for listening in and may your life be enriched by what you hear.

Listen To Our Theme Tune

Nature Boy

News Flash!! Our first program is here. While you are visiting, enjoy these songs written and recorded by a talented young Artist Amy Ganter.

Amy Ganter - Love

"Love" is a song not surprisingly about love. It simply makes the point that nothing in life is more important.

Amy Ganter's Facebook Page

Podcast Why Love?

In our very first program we discuss what the Greatest Thing is all about and why the world needs love so desperately.

Amy Ganter - Jupiter

A upbeat song about young love. Perhaps it reminds you of your first love.